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Product Spotlight - New Mountain Bike and Gravel Tires from Teravail

Product Spotlight - New Mountain Bike and Gravel Tires from Teravail

Today’s Product Spotlight will focus on bicycle tire brand Teravail.  We caught up with them at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic where they were introducing their newest mountain bike and gravel bike tread designs. 

Known for their variety of gravel bike tires, Teravail answered the call for more tires to suit mountain bikers with the introduction of the Ehline and Honcho models.  The Ehline features a low profile XC cross racing type tread pattern for super-fast rolling.  

While the Honcho is there to serve anyone who needs a general all around tire for a variety of conditions.  Both tires are offered in 27.5 inch and 29 inch versions and all Teravail tires are tubeless ready.

A unique offering from Teravail is their tires are available with Tan or Black side walls.  The tan sidewall offers the most supple ride quality while the black sidewall features their most durable reinforced casing if you know your trails will be filled with rocks trying to tear your tires open.

For all road and gravel bikes Teravail released their newest tire models; Sparwood, Cannonball, Rutland and their all road tire the Rampart.  All the Teravail gravel and road tires are tubeless ready and come in a variety of road sizes and ither their Tan supple sidewall or ultra-durable Black reinforced sidewall.

The Teravail Sparwood is almost like a mountain bike tire for your gravel bike and is meant to handle extreme terrain like you might find on the Great Divide Route.

The Teravail Cannonball tire features a fast rolling diamond style tread pattern for coarse gravel and is available in 700C sizes.

The Teravail Rutland is a new gravel tire released in early 2019 that features an extreme tread design meant to handle the nastiest terrain you might take your gravel or adventure bike on.  Available in wide sizes 38mm and 42mm 700C the Teravail Rutland is meant for rides that feature mixed terrain where comfort and control are top priority.

Rounding out their newest tire offerings for the road and gravel crowd is the all road tire, Teravail Rampart.  This tire features a smooth all road tread design with a high volume casing meant to smooth out the bumps in the road while offering really fast rolling speed that can take you from pavement to dirt with ease and control.

Watch the full video interview with David from Teravail as he explains their full tire line, the benefits of using Teravail and the wide range of sizes, casing types and tread designs offered.   Find the next event Teravail will be